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Mold Making

Our professional and experienced toolmakers make the molds in any standard as customer requirement such as DME, HASCO,RABOURDIN,LKM etc.. Working to customer specific requirements and tight tolerances. 

We are equipped with a number of advanced and precision machines, such as high speed CNC, EDM, milling, grinding ,fitting etc that ensuring we can manufacture your  injection mould tool through efficient and rapid tooling processes.

Manufacturing mold for parts:      
● Automotive,
● Home appliance,
● Medical,
● 2K parts,
● Industries,

Core Priority Technology:
● Collapsible core mold
● Rotated slider mold
● Unscrewing mold
● 2K/2 components mold
● Over/insert mold
● Stack mold
● Gas Assistant injection mold
● High gloss steamed injection mold
● IMD/IML Mold

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