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Hondvo Tooling Limited

Hondvo’s Advantages

One-stop service:

1. communication: Project engineers are fluent in Oral English or Japanese; Sales team are fluent in English, Japanese, German, French and Spanish speaking

2. Project Management: 80% of project engineers have mold experience over 10-15 years. They are sent to Europe and United States to learn about technology of mold design, manufacturing, and molding process to be more compatible with customers' operation.

3. Flexible + Timely + 24 hours reaction

4. Professional after-sales service in Europe and in America:
(1) Technical Representative supports us to visit customers for face-to face dicussion when necessary  
(2) Toolshop Partner can provide technical support when clients need mold modification and mold maintenance service etc.

5. Transportation: can provide support of logistic  by Sea, by Train and by Air

Quality system:

1.Certification: applying with ISO 9001 and TS 16949

2. Strictly QC control from design stage: we make mold flow analysis for each mold during design stage.

Rich Experience of Technology:

1. Two-shot Mold

2. Thin-wall Mold

3. High Gloss Optical Lighting Mold

4. Precision Connectors Mold

5. Deformation Defect Mold


Highly responsible and loyal to customers

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