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Building high quality plastic injection molds for our global customers is the core business of Hondvo.

Hondvo focus on high technology service:

Mold Making

(1) 2K Mold/Over Mold

(2) Unscrew Mold

(3) Lighting Mold

(4) Valve/Joint Pipe Mold

(5) Connector Mold

(6) Multi Cavities Mold

(7) Stack Mold

(8) Precision Mold

Extended Service for Customer:

(1) Rapid Prototype

(2) Molding Production

(3) Fixture for measurement

Service object
5 valve gates with Synflow 3

5 valve gates with Synflow 3

Metal bushing loading automatically

Metal bushing loading automatically

P/T sensor

P/T sensor

Every mold to make mold flow to find the best choice of injection location, warpage risk, welding line location, temperature distribution and thickness cause rink  mark etc.

Project management and control is the essence to quality and time. Reply on 20years management experience, Hondvo concludes a set of management system from practice.

Cost Control

1. Provide the optimized solution to save cost for the customers by assuring the quality of our products.

2. Enhance the supply chain management and monitor the material price closely, bring benefit to customer timely.

3. Strengthen the internal management to minimize the overhead expenses.

Quality Control

1. Communicate with customer in depth to fully understand customer’s requirement.

2. Feasibility studying (Mold Flow Analysis, etc)

3. Assure the high-quality design (2D&3D)

4. Strictly control manufacturing quality

5. Strictly inspect of  trial out sample

6. Strict Inspection in dimension and specification before shipment of Mold

Time Control

1. Working out a reasonable schedule for project and propelling concurrent engineering technique, which will remarkably improve the efficiency of manufacturing.

2. Quick response to the problem during manufacturing and solve it timely.

3. Quick response to the Engineering Change Notice.

Design Control

1. There is a pre-design meeting among manufacturing dept., project dept. and design dept. to work out the best solution for mould making.

2. Every 2D/3D design will be approved by general design manager who have profound experience in mould making and injection material industry.

3. The design will be presented and fully communicated with customer to secure customer´s final approval.

Manufacturing Control

1. Engineering Manager will conduct the detailed analysis of the math data and comprehend customer´s requirement and pass to design and manufacturing department.

2. Engineering Manager offers professional suggestion to design dept. after comprehensive analysis of Mold and injection material, remarkably enhance the design quality.

3. Utilizing the top facilities to process the Mold to reach high precision and high quality.

4. The qualified operators will remarkably reduce any wrong practices to guarantee the quality of Mold

5. Engineering Manager will give the best solution to problem arising during the production.

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