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Vertical Liquid Silicone Rubber Injection Molding Machine

Learn - January 09, 2024

Hondvo News Update!The newly installed 2 sets of vertical liquid silicone injection molding machines have been debugged and put into run successfully.  

The other four 4 SETS (120T, 120T, 120T, 85T) are coming in Feb, 2024!

The liquid silicone injection molding machine is a perfect combination of efficient and convenient feeding system and high-quality injection system. It is not only easy to operate,

but also greatly improves the production efficiency of products and improves product quality.

  1. This integrated and vertical LSR machine is with smaller footprint to save more space in the workshop.
  2. Its vertical mold clamping provides a well-sealed and more accurate glue injection, which is more conducive to the production of rubber-covered products. Also it has easier access to inserts and the finished parts.
  3. With the double sliding design, the forward and backward sliding can achieve a double-station operation. The latch can be pushed upward to release the parts, so as to make it more convenient to pick and place the products!
  4. The rotary table can be equipped with multiple cavity-half and core-half, thus the part releasing / picking can be done at the same time while it is in the process of molding ,

which saves much time of waiting for the next part to be formed, the production efficiency is increased up to 50%!


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