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Lighting Guide

Lighting Guide

No. of Cavity: 1+1
Steel for cavity & core: 1.2343 ESR HRC48~50
Resin: Iupilon HL3503-N418
Shrinkage: 0.6%
Hotrunner Brand: HRS
Part Size: 460*340*100 MM
Tool Size: 715*700*759 MM
Tool Weight: 2542 Kg
Part surface finishing: SPI-A1(high polishing)

Moldflow Analysis

Checking gate location feasibility, some constructive ideas on injection pressure, holding pressure, amount of product warpage, to support the most reasonable decision.

Automatic Cutting Gate

To save cost and shorten cycle time, we designed to cut off injection gate in the tooling before mold opening.

Molding Automatically & High Quality

Automatically production, steel machined by high speed CNC. The teeth areas Ra. 0.2 and R0.1MM.

Keywords: Mold Making